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Healhcare Information Technology Standards Panel
HealthCare Information Technology Standards Panel
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Federal Agencies must use the Recognized Interoperability Standards that have been harmonized by HITSP.

Transaction Package

TP 20 - HITSP Access Control Transaction Package

The Access Control Transaction Package provides the mechanism for security authorizations which control the enforcement of security policies including: role-based access control; entity based access control; context based access control; and the execution of consent directives. An example of this is a functional role that has the permission to perform an act (e.g., consumer updating a Personal Health Record (PHR). In an emergency, this construct must support the capability to alter access privileges to the appropriate level (failsafe/emergency access), which may include override of non-emergency consents.

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ConstructTitle / VersionReferenced byStatusDocument Access
TP 20HITSP Access Control Transaction Package
IS 2 V:3.0
IS 1 V:3.0
IS 3 V:3.0
IS 4 V:1.1
IS 5 V:1.0
IS 6 V:1.0
IS 7 V:1.0
TP 20HITSP Access Control Transaction Package
IS 2 V:3.1
IS 3 V:3.1
IS 4 V:1.2
IS 5 V:1.1
IS 6 V:1.1
IS 2 V:3.1.1
IS 3 V:3.1.1
IS 4 V:1.2.1
IS 5 V:1.1.1
IS 8 V:0.0.1
IS 9 V:0.0.1
IS 10 V:0.0.1
IS 11 V:0.0.1
IS 12 V:0.0.1
IS 77 V:0.0.1
TP 20HITSP Access Control Transaction Package
IS 1 V:3.1
IS 2 V:3.2
IS 3 V:4.0
IS 4 V:2.0
IS 5 V:2.0
IS 8 V:1.0
IS 9 V:1.0
IS 10 V:1.0
IS 11 V:1.0
IS 12 V:1.0
IS 77 V:1.0
IS 7 V:1.1
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TP 20HITSP Access Control Transaction Package
(Panel Approved)

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