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Healhcare Information Technology Standards Panel
HealthCare Information Technology Standards Panel
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After acceptance by the HHS Secretary, HITSP IS must undergo a one-year period of implementation testing.

IS 06 -  Quality

The Quality Interoperability Specification defines specific standards needed to benefit providers by providing a collection of data for inpatient and ambulatory care and to benefit clinicians by providing real-time or near-real-time feedback regarding quality indicators for specific patients.
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Quality Interoperability Specification (Complete Set)
NOTE: As a part of its work, the Technical Committee undertook the definition of 16 Quality Measures. These measures are encoded according to the HL7 HQMF as specified by the HITSP C106 Measurement Criteria Component. The .xml files for these can be found here.

Enclosed are .xml files along with a simple style sheet in order to view in a browser. To open and read Quality Measures .xml files:
1. Download HITSP_Quality_Measures_20100430.zip file.
2. Create a new folder on your hard drive.
3. Extract the entire contents of the HITSP_Quality_Measures_20100430.zip file into the new folder.
4. Open the new folder.
5. Double click on a file to open and read the individual .xml files within a browser.

Please note that to view the native .xml, we suggest you open the files in a text editor such as Text Pad. The simple style sheet allows you to open the .xml files within a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, however, not all browsers behave the same way with .xml style sheets.
IS 06HITSP Quality Interoperability SpecificationVersion 2.0
CAP 119Communicate Structured DocumentVersion 1.0
CAP 122Retrieve Medical KnowledgeVersion 1.0
CAP 123Retrieve Existing DataVersion 1.0
CAP 129Communicate Quality Measure DataVersion 1.0
CAP 130Communicate Quality Measure SpecificationVersion 1.0
CAP 135Retrieve and Populate FormVersion 1.0
CAP 138Retrieve PseudonymVersion 1.0
CAP 143Manage Consumer Preference and ConsentsVersion 1.0

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